Palm Springs 2022 Year in Review: Our top 5 stories

From tacos to development, readers of The Post showed what they were most interested in by …. reading. See what they clicked on the most.
From tacos to development, readers of The Post showed what they were most interested in by clicking.

We’re fortunate that our business model doesn’t depend on clicks. But our readers still clicked a LOT in 2022. Not surprisingly, a majority of our most popular stories had to do with development, as residents are always curious about what’s being built (and not built) in the city.

Below is a countdown of the stories they clicked on the most, dating back to January and ending last week. Interested in looking back? Make sure to click on each title to read the stories.

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5. Soho House outlines plans for Palm Springs

The news that the trendy Soho House is planning to open up a member’s-only club in town piqued the interest of readers. Locals were curious about the re-development plans for the Colony 29 property and the application process, which, apparently, involves sending in a headshot. Oh, and there’s a discount if you’re under 27.

4. Have plans for a surf park crested?

Another redevelopment story that made waves (sorry) involved the former Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark and the plans to turn it into a luxury surf park. After lots of fan fare, the developer and celebrity surfer backers went quiet for months, and there seemed to be no signs of life on the property. The surf park is one of three that is slated to open in and around the Coachella Valley. A few months after that story, La Quinta voted resoundingly against bringing in a luxury surf into the city amidst drought worries.

3.  Debate over listening devices exposes larger issues

Instead of helicoptering into North Palm Springs and writing a quick story whenever a crime happens, we spent a year getting to know the people that actually live there and listening to what they experience every day. We dug deep into ShotSpotter surveillance technology and went beyond the press releases to discover how increased policing can affect a community.

2. An ‘upscale and chic’ pickleball club is being planned

We swore we wouldn’t become the Pickleball Post, but the announcement of this club was a big story. It came out just a few weeks ago and rocketed to the top of our most-read story list. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports, and you can’t visit a resort town without hearing dozens of pickleballers volleying back and forth. Soon, the booming Palm Springs pickleball community could have its own “chic” club, complete with a fitness center, bar, lounge, spa, and plunge pool.

1. Carne asada crackdown?

Rounding out the top five most popular stories of the year: the fate of streetside tacos. The Palm Springs City Council is mulling new restrictions for sidewalk food vendors after several complaints from business owners about the smell and reports that vendors block parking and entrances to businesses. But the people want tasty tacos, so the future of both pop-up stands and push carts is of interest.

BONUS: Our most shared social media post

We released a deep dive into the valley’s rent issue in April and we really hit a nerve. The Facebook post we made was shared dozens of times. In the story, we told you that some of the people that keep the city and its economy running can’t afford to live anywhere near their jobs or purchase a home here. The data revealed just how serious the problem is: rents have doubled in the last seven years as inventory plunged. But there’s some good news, as well: organizations like Lift to Rise are taking on the massive challenge from many different angles. They focus on rent relief but also the systemic issues that lead to housing crises.


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