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First day of new police effort to aid with homeless crisis sees immediate results; cooperation could lead to arrests

The goal of Operation Relentless Sun is to not only count and interact with people who live outside each day, but to be ‘consistent and firm’ with those who prey on them.

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‘Ghost bikes’ will stand as somber reminder to motorists, memorials to cyclists killed on area roads

A Palm Springs-based nonprofit announced its latest effort Wednesday. It’s a coordinated effort with police and the city’s Office of Sustainability.

Palm Springs residents slowly catching on to composting, but more work needed on education

A noticeable uptick in organic composting occurred throughout the city after new bins were rolled out in the fall, but challenges remain.

Plan to address problems at city pool includes hiring more lifeguards, modifying hours

Palm Springs Swim Center patrons have voiced concerns throughout the month about unexpected closures, with some leveling accusations that the facility is being mismanaged.

2023 Desert X lineup announced; event will kick off March 4 with release of map

The exhibition, held every two years since 2017, is best known for massive sculptures scattered throughout the valley, including Palm Springs.

Franken first up in revamped speaker series

Previous speakers in the ‘Palm Springs Speaks’ series include Jane Fonda, Bob Woodward, Vice President Al Gore, and Dame Joan Collins.

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