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Public hearing on Dream Hotel project scheduled for City Council’s Monday meeting

Residents frustrated with stalled or dead hotel projects in the city repeatedly voice concerns at City Hall, in the media, and in online public forums. To date, there has been little sign of visible progress.

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After new evidence found, defense moves for mistrial in Palm Springs quadruple murder case

Jurors in the first trial deliberated over seven days and indicated they were deadlocked on March 8. A new jury was sworn in on Sept. 26.

Oscar’s news, opening of new shops a boon for business along crucial corridor in heart of city

A new shop that opened Thursday afternoon is now filling a key corner storefront downtown. There’s also news that one of the most loved businesses in the area will be there for a good long time.

Final vote count shows Garner reelected; Bernstein, deHarte win Council seats; Holstege’s fate remains unknown

Democrat Christy Holstege, the District 4 Palm Springs City Council representative, trails by 20 votes in her race for State Assembly, but ballots remain to be counted in San Bernardino County.

St. Paul’s celebrates reopening of kitchen used to feed hundreds each day in Palm Springs and beyond

The kitchen, used by cooks for Well in the Desert, was shuttered for weeks during the summer for a remodel and deep cleaning.

Holstege pulls ahead in seesaw battle for AD47 seat after San Bernardino County’s latest vote count

San Bernardino County, which had been tipping solidly in favor of Republican Greg Wallis, saw Democrat Christy Holstege pick up 77% of the vote count on Wednesday.

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