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‘Always involved’ Evernell Black named one of 11 inspirational valley seniors at Thursday ceremony

The Desert Highland Gateway Estates resident had a 35-year career in education, teaching at Cathedral City High School and Katherine Finchy Elementary School, where she was named teacher of the Year in 1987.

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Dual immersion program aimed at helping youngest learners become bilingual; information sessions planned

Palm Springs Unified School District students in Transitional Kindergarten through fifth grade are eligible for the program, which places children in classes with native Spanish and English speakers.

Still seeing Styrofoam used in Palm Springs? Here’s why, and what city officials might do next

While the ordinance banning food ware made with plastics and polystyrene went into effect more than a year ago, some restaurants remain out of compliance.

Public participation, ad hoc committee planned to help address ongoing swim center issues

City pool users have expressed concerns about frequent unexpected closures, staffing issues, and maintenance issues, turning to the Parks and Recreation Commission to plead their case. 

Revised plan to address city housing needs is finished, heading to state

If the city sees a sudden population boom, as it last experienced in the 1940s, some estimates show up to 20,000 more housing units could be needed by 2040.

More assistance for homeowners, renters coming as plans for grant money move forward

After holding the first of two required public hearings, the Palm Springs City Council voted Thursday to approve of plans to spend $413,500 in grant money coming from the federal government.

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