Public encouraged to swim, bike, run, walk or roll to benefit Angel View

Who would have thought that the brainchild of longtime Angel View supporter Steve Erickson would have grown to become Angel View’s biggest fundraiser of the year?

Just 10 years ago, Erickson and five other brave swimming souls, members of the Palm Springs’ Piranha Masters dove into the pool at the Palm Springs Swim Center and swam a 10K with all proceeds benefitting Angel View, raising around $1,300.

As interest grew, so did the number of participants. Donations followed. The event has become one of the most satisfying events for participants, donors, and sponsors, all with one goal in mind — help Angel View, a nonprofit founded in 1954 that is dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities and now has more than a dozen area retail stores.

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Last year, despite the pandemic, more participants joined in than ever and fundraising surpassed $80,000. Part of that success may have been event organizers were able to pivot, offering a COVID-safe event where participants could take on a bike trek, a 10K run or walk, or choose to swim when the pool re-opened.

COVID-19 did not curtail the enthusiasm of more than 70 participants, many from the Piranha Masters and the Salton Sea Triathlon Club. During a two-week period, these volunteers chose to do what they could for those who can’t.

This year, event organizers say that are going back to the roots of the event to celebrate the 10th anniversary. It will be mainly a swim event, where anyone is invited to participate. However, those who would like to bike or join in a neighborhood walk or run, they are free to do so. Like last year, there are no limits.

Event organizers say that’s what they tell Angel View clients every day. The organization’s mission is to “help children and adults with disabilities reach their maximum potential,” and those who give their time to it strive for that as well.

More information: Anyone is welcome to join in at any time on December 31 at the Palm Springs Swim Center, 405 South Pavilion Way, for the swim — some swim 10 laps, others swim for an hour, while the veterans make it an entire 10K swim. The event will continue for biking, hiking, walking, running, etc. on January 1 and 2. To donate or learn more about the event, send email to or call 760-835-0464

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