City looks for ways to increase compliance with gas-powered leaf blower ban

Palm Springs officials say enforcement of a 2019 ban on gas-powered leaf blowers has been hampered by multiple factors.

Hampered in its ability to enforce a two-year-old ban on gas-powered leaf blowers, the city is considering harsher penalties for non-compliance in addition to more incentives to help gardeners convert to electric machinery.

A report by city staff released ahead of a Sustainability Commission meeting details a variety of challenges faced by the city in enforcing the ban. Among them:

  • Limited code enforcement staffing resources;
  • Difficulty responding in time to catch gardeners in the act of using gas-powered blowers;
  • False alarms when people hear what they think is a leaf blower but is in fact a different piece of lawn equipment;
  • “Decoy” blowers that look electric but are actually using gas; and
  • An inability to recognize which landscape companies may be violating the rules due to the fact so few gardeners have business licenses

To date, city staff estimate compliance with the rules is roughly 50 percent. Even with incentives through a Sustainability Scholarship program that has seen the city partially or fully fund the purchase of more than 16 new electric blowers, the problem persist. The ban was adopted in July 2017 but not in effect until June 2019,

Aside from continuing to offer incentives for new equipment, proposals being presented during a commission meeting tonight at 5:30 PM include:

  • Creation of an inexpensive/streamlined “gardeners” license that requires all gardeners and landscapers display their license number on their vehicle;
  • Holding homeowners accountable for compliance in addition to gardeners;
  • An increase in fines for second and third offenses from $250 and $500 to $500 and $1000, respectively;
  • Aiding enforcement by engaging the Citizens on Patrol (if that program is revived), deputizing Sustainability staff, or hiring a part-time person just for leaf blower enforcement; and
  • Allowing gardeners to start earlier in the summer months so that they have less time in the extreme heat, which drains batteries faster

A proposed ordinance will be presented to the Commission during tonight’s meeting. If approved as is, new rules would require a vote of the entire City Council to go into effect.

The city at one time considered a ban on all leaf blowers, both gas and electric, but elected to focus only on gas blowers after public outcry from gardeners. Currently, Indian Wells is the only other city in the Coachella Valley with a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.

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