Meet Scott Sambol

Every Sunday we introduce you to people in our community who are making a difference. This week we invite you to meet one of the friendliest faces in the city.

The people who make Palm Springs like no place else

In a city with a sea of friendly faces, there may be few friendlier than Scott Sambol. “Scotty,” as many know him, is one of the dozens of people who help you start your day with an extra perk in Palm Springs. He primarily holds down the fort at the original Koffi on North Palm Canyon Drive, but you may also spot him working at the other two locations in the city. His coworkers we spoke with say they don’t just admire him, they adore him! “He is easily among the most loyal, caring, empathetic people that you will come across in the desert or otherwise,” said Brooklyn McGraw, Koffi’s manager of retail operations. “He’s gone through his own trials and tribulations and is proof for our community that you can do whatever you put your mind — and more importantly, heart — into.” Get to know Scott below.

AGE: 27

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OCCUPATION: Lead supervisor at Koffi on North Palm Canyon Drive


HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN THE DESERT? I’ve been here eight years.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE? It was something different from Hemet. I like the eclectic art scene and the gay culture.

WHAT KEEPS YOU HERE? I have a foundation here with my life and I have an occupation that I enjoy coming in to every day.


WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR IN THE DESERT? I like the fall. It’s not too cold, not too hot, and it gets chilly at night. 

HOW DO YOU BEAT THE HEAT? I work inside during the hottest part of the day.

DO YOU HAVE A PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY BY WHICH YOU LIVE? Do good just for the sake of doing good.


WHAT’S THE BIGGEST ISSUE FACING OUR COMMUNITY? Stereotyping — the way we treat people based only on the image that they put forward.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO OR PLACE TO GO IN THE DESERT? I love being outside at night. I like to go to the Marilyn statue late at night.


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