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Putting local news back in local hands

Community journalism is a vital part of our democratic infrastructure, and it’s too important to be left in the hands of out-of-state owners more interested in profits than in civic good.

The Palm Springs Post puts our community first. All residents deserve nonpartisan, unbiased coverage of the issues they care about. Based on compassion and appreciative joy for our city, The Post will serve our community for years to come.

Months ago, founder Mark Talkington wrote The Post’s business plan on a sticky note: “Build something of value and the community will tell you what it’s worth.” We’re asking for your support now so we can keep delivering daily stories free to all.

Who is behind The Palm Springs Post?

I’m Mark Talkington, a Palm Springs resident. I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years at,, and The Desert Sun.

But there’s one smaller audience I truly love, and that’s you, my neighbors here in Palm Springs. That’s why I started The Palm Springs Post. I was frustrated that basic news about the city I call home wasn’t being reported.

For months, I’ve been publishing stories six days a week on Substack while holding down a full-time job. I recently quit that job to devote myself fully to The Post, and I think I’ve provided something of value to the community. Now it’s time to ask what you think it’s worth.

What readers are saying

First thing I do in the morning before I get out of bed is check my email and read your newsletters. I feel well informed. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

You are providing a marvelous source of news to our community.

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