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Kitschy, kooky, and cool: Local couple has chronicled it all, collected it on a new website

Ready for a weekend adventure or just curious about what you see as you trek throughout the Coachella Valley? Jane and Grant Guy have you covered.

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Council agrees short-term vacation rental permit cap needed, identifies larger issues to address

Elected officials were united on one point — the city must find a way to ensure vacation rental owners have closer ties to the community.

Documents: Fire chief resigned following allegations he made city staff uncomfortable at meeting

In a report prepared by investigators, employees present at the meeting said former Fire Chief Kevin Nalder’s attempt to use an electronic pain-relief device on a female city employee was inappropriate.

Dream Hotel project inches forward after Planning Commission split decision

Neighbors of the adjacent Center Court condominiums are anxious to see the project complete but are opposed to the construction of the additional condominiums at the height proposed by the developer.

Initial airport branding meeting is brief; another planned for next week

If you missed Wednesday’s meeting, PSP officials are holding an identical meeting next Thursday, Oct. 6, at 5:30 p.m. They will have the same presentation and also allow for public comment. 

‘A profound moral issue’: Faith leaders hope vigil for Salton Sea draws attention to its plight

Leaders from a dozen area faith groups, including United Methodist Church in Palm Springs, are hosting an outdoor prayer vigil along the shores of the sea on Oct. 10.

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