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2023 Desert X lineup announced; event will kick off March 4 with release of map

The exhibition, held every two years since 2017, is best known for massive sculptures scattered throughout the valley, including Palm Springs.

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City-controlled lots eyed for affordable housing

With new laws allowing lots to be split and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) constructed, four times as many dwellings could be built.

Council moves to address issue of homeless staying at airport

Law enforcement officers can now remove unhoused people from airport property, encouraging them to seek assistance but ultimately letting them know it’s against the law to linger unnecessarily.

Nurses take to sidewalk, holding vigil to draw attention to their plight

“People come at us so angry. We’re just trying to do our job. We don’t have ancillary staff, and we’re doing everything on our own.”

Sex clubs now OK, but not in additional areas

The City Council also tabled a decision on public nudity that centered around which parts of the body can be exposed in public.

Hoping to encourage allies, Black History Committee hosts outreach event to discuss Section 14, reparations

Last November, a group of survivors and descendants of those who lived in Section 14 filed a claim with the city seeking damages from evictions in the 1950s and 1960s they say could amount to $2 billion or more. 

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